Hello Friends

Dear Friends

I wanted to share with you the settlement of my dispute with the Cleveland Clinic. Below is the text of the Joint Statement issued by myself and the Cleveland Clinic:

“Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Jay Yadav agree on the need for integrity in scientific research and the disclosure of potential conflicts of interest by those conducting scientific research, and a process for administering conflict of interest policies. Cleveland Clinic acknowledges that Dr. Yadav did disclose an interest in the sale of Angioguard Inc. to Cordis Inc. while conducting research sponsored by Cordis. Cleveland Clinic commissioned an independent review, which concluded that the integrity of Dr. Yadav’s research regarding Angioguard/Cordis was not compromised by his financial relationships with Angioguard/Cordis. Cleveland Clinic recognizes Dr. Yadav’s valuable contributions to cardiology during his tenure at Cleveland Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Yadav wish each other continuing success.”

Marshalla and I are very pleased to put this behind us and deeply appreciate the support we have gotten from so many friends and colleagues over the past three and a half years.

Please find below some links to news reports.

» The Heart :
Cleveland Clinic settles suit with Jay Yadav stemming from 2006 “nonrenewal” over implied COI nondisclosure

In a jointly released statement, the Cleveland Clinic acknowledges that Yadav did in fact disclose an interest in the sale of Angioguard and that his research at the clinic was not compromised by his financial relationships.    (Continue reading)

» MedCity News :
Cleveland Clinic settles lawsuit, admits Jay Yadav kept policy

The Cleveland Clinic has admitted that its former staff physician and inventor, Dr. Jay Yadav, did not run afoul of the health system’s conflicts of interest policy as it had claimed in 2006 while declining to renew Yadav’s employment contract.    (Continue reading)

– Jay