The 50 best Cleveland Clinic Doctors Ever

Dr. Jay Yadav was included in this prestigious list of doctors from the Cleveland Clinic which has been in operation since 1921.

Dr. Yadav was ranked number 24.

The 50 Best Cleveland Clinic Doctors Ever

24. Jay Yadav: Yadav is a noted interventional cardiologist and entrepreneur, often cited for his innovations around carotid stenting. His tenure at the Clinic came to an ugly end (are you sensing a theme in recent years with prominent Clinic cardiologists?) in 2006 over allegations of conflicts of interest related to the commercialization of his innovations. But Yadav had the last laugh, as the Clinic was forced to admit in a 2010 legal settlement that he did, in fact, provide the hospital with the proper disclosures around his commercialization activities. This year, he was named one of Ernst & Young’s entrepreneurs of the year.